How to do image watermark on a product image?

How to do image watermark on product image?This tutorial show you step-by-step on how to add image watermark on a product image on Shopify platform. Image FineTuner both the alpha and non-alpha image that you wish to put on your product image. Note: Alpha means the transparency layer on your image.

  1. Open the product that you want to watermark the images.
  2. On the product view, click on the “…” button (top-right) and select the Image Watermark menu.Watermark page
  3. After clicking the Image Watermark menu, it will open up the Image FineTuner watermark page.
  4. Select Image on the Watermark Type dropdown box.Select a watermark image
  5. Click on Upload Image … button and select the image that you want to put on your product image.preview the image that is going to be watermarked
  6. The uploaded image will be previewed on the page as shown above
  7. Set the opacity of the image to be the watermark image opacity
  8. For this tutorial, we are going to display the watermark image on the center of the product image. Hence,
    • select Single Text/Image in the Watermark Appearance dropdown list.
    • select Center in the Placement dropdown the watermark appearance and placement
  9. Click on Preview button to preview the changes before applying changes to the Shopify product images.watermark image preview
  10. Once you satisfied with the images, click on the Apply button to apply the changes to Shopify product image. Note: 1 credit will be consumed for the changes applied.



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