New features available – Product Sticker

ImageFineTuner is glad to announce a new feature to the Shopify App – the Product Sticker. Users can now add the product stickers, such as new arrival stickers or discount stickers on their product images in addition to the watermark. You may access this feature from the menu as show in the below image.

Product Stickers


On the Product Sticker page, you can select the sticker type, sticker opacity, sticker size and placement. Below are the screenshot of the Product Sticker page.

Product Sticker Page


Explanation of each option

  • Sticker Type. We are now supporting New Arrival and Discount product sticker. More type will be supported in future.
  • Sticker Opacity. Determine the opacity of the sticker display.
  • Sticker Size. We provide recommendation of the sticker size to be used for certain size of product image. However, it just a recommendation and you may select any size for optimum display.
  • Placement. We support 5 placements of the sticker display, namely Top Left, Top Right, Center, Bottom Left and Bottom Right.

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