Save Your Settings Into A Template

watermark template

You can now save your settings into a template, so that you can easily re-apply them into other product images. This feature is available for both Text and Image watermark. At present, you can only save one template per watermark type to facilitate you in future watermarking. Below are the procedures to create a template for text watermark. The same procedures applied to image watermark.

  1. Open the watermark tool, and you shall notice a new template dropdown list . Initially, the list is empty.text watermark template
  2. As usual, you just configure the settings that you want the text to be watermarked on your product images.
  3. Do the preview to make sure the text watermark looks good on your image.
  4. Once you are satisfied with the settings, you can click on the Save Template button to save your current text watermark template
  5. A confirmation window will be prompted, and just proceed by clicking the Yes button.
  6. You are done! As simple as this, and you may now load the Saved Template from the dropdown list.


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